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Big Gem Diamond Painting Light

Creativity For Kids

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Create YOUR way with this Big Gem Diamond Painting Light kit! Stellar light-up art offers open-ended diamond painting fun. No glue needed. A great fine motor activity. Peel the clear cover off the design to reveal the adhesive, then place colourful, transparent gems to create your design. Cast radiating light patterns on the ceiling with two fun shadow disks. USB cord with integrated on/off switch powers your light.

Contents include: 700+ colourful transparent 5mm gems, diamond painting stylus, wax square, gem tray, diamond painting light wrap, lid with LED light and attached USB power cable (USB power adapter not included), plastic jar (16 cm x 9.1 cm), shadow disks, shadow disk cap, sticky putty, and instructions with gem placement guide.

Suitable for ages 6+